Photo Images - 2006 Season

Extra Events

Please click on a link below to view the images from the 2006 Season of football.
These images have been organized from the most recent to the earliest.

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12-31-06 - Cleveland Browns vs. Houston Texans

12-24-06 - Indianapolis Colts vs. Houston Texans

12-10-06 - Tennessee Titans vs. Houston Texans

11-19-06 - Buffalo Bills vs. Houston Texans

10-22-06 - Jacksonville Jaguars vs. Houston Texans

10-15-06 - Houston Texans vs. Dallas Cowboys

10-01-06 - Miami Dolphins vs. Houston Texans

09-24-06 - Washington Redskins vs. Houston Texans

09-17-06 - Houston Texans vs. Indianapolis Colts

09-10-06 - Philadelphia Eagles vs. Houston Texans

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