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The Bronco
by: Edgar Allen Joe

Out on the range near Houston, Texas
A Bronco galloped by
His stride was strong and graceful
His head was held so high

Out on that range was a lone Texan
Watching that ponies stride
Knowing how to break that horse
While using his Texan Pride

Using nothing but his bare hands
And a rope held by his belt
He let the Lasso loop the neck
As the Broncoís cards were dealt

That horse pulled and jumped and bucked and kicked
To get out of that noose
While the Texan smiled and pulled it tight
That pony will not be getting loose

The animal fought strong and true
Trying to stay wild
But that Texans Grip was just like glue
Like taking baby from a child

That Bronco went from wild to Tame
The Texan didnít break a sweat
And if another comes he will do the same
Thatís where I place my bet


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