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The 2006 Bull Pen Pep Band

Please allow us to introduce you to the 2006 Houston Texans Bull Pen Pep Band:

Director of the group is:
Lamar Burkhalter from Houston, TX. Lamar is the owner of Percussion One


The Drum Line group:

Bass Drums:


Bryan Mandella

Joseph Ramirez

Chris Rollins

Erik West

Marshall West


Snare Drums:


Steven Becerra

Ray Chappa

Wes Hegglund

John Jacobson

Chris King

Richard Severa

Bryan Waites

Ray Yeretsky


Tenor Drums:


Richard Griffin

Eric Harper

W. Blakely Norwood

Patrick Ojeda

Robbie Sitka




Xavier Hunter


The Brass Line group:



Heather Clark

Mark Collado




Patrick Heaton

Stephen Jones

Michael Keig

Vance Lumme

Nathan Pair

Tammy Shanklin

Ben Ware




Donnie Artley

Michael Fuller

Rick Ghinelli

Alex Hinojosa

Dave Kastor

Refugio Rodriguez

Tony Yarbrough

Darwin Young




Gabe Cancino

Tony Gallagher

Mark Talley

John Winebrenner


And the Combo Group:


Victor Delagarza

Shelton Keith Harris

James Metcalfe

Javier Pagan


Other members of the BP Pep Band:


Jonathan Grimes

Ryan Jezierski

Brent Parker

Kenneth Wade

Nathan Wilson



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